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Creation From Inspiration: Graham Walton & Jeremy Barnard at Salt Pond Studio

Graham Walton, painter and Jeremey Barnard, photographer combine at Salt Pond Studio, Friendship, Maine
In this unique coupling of local talent, Jeremy Barnard, photographer, draws his inspiration from the everchanging Muscongus. Jeremy’s large format works dramatically depict the Maine coast in its light filled glory. Painter Graham Walton has teamed with this extraordinary photographer to create major works on canvas inspired by these photographs. This exchange has created a dynamic exhibition by two artists whose style and medium could not be more divergent. Shown side by side the works are creations from each other’s inspiration.
Opening reception for this extraordinary show – SUNDAY , JULY 3 , 3-7 pm
Exhibition runs from June 29 – July 11
Salt Pond Studio, 522 Cushing Road, , Friendship , Maine
REGULAR GALLERY HOURS _ Wedns. Thru Sunday 12 – 5 pm
Celebrated with live musicians and refreshments by the fire pit.
Salt Pond Studio will donate 10% of proceeds to the Friendship/Cushing Food Bank
Jeremy Barnard has spent summers in Friendship, Maine since early childhood. His captivation with the coast of Maine has been the subject of his black and white photography for many years. From film to the digital age, to the magical qualities derived from infra-red photography, Jeremy’s superior eye and craftsmanship has enabled him to capture a near abstraction of form, shape, and light in his portrayal of Maine’s stunning beauty. Maybe artist/writer David Raymond put it best when he wrote in Art New England, “Barnard’s photographs not only convey a sense of place , but a sense of time transcending place…his work is poetic in unexpected ways.”
Graham Walton is a painter, born and raised in Newcastle, Maine. He creates bold, colorful , and innovative interpretations of the Maine coast.
"I am surrounded by powerful landscapes that are too rich and alive for me to capture with traditional realism” Walton says. By simplifying compositions and reducing his subjects to evenly spaced patterns he strives to convey the interwoven nature of man and his environment and to celebrate the energy emanating throughout the Mid Coast as we yearn for unity and reverence for these ancestral lands of the Abenaki peoples.

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