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Graham Walton is a Maine artist who primarily paints in acrylic on wood, canvas, and found materials. He also creates woodblock prints.

Walton was born in Rockport, Maine in 1988. He was lucky enough to grow up on the Damariscotta River in a house next to his stepfather's wooden boat yard. Workbenches and buckets covered in drips of paint are still a key source of inspiration for the artist, as well as the old fashioned charm of the boat yard in general. Walton's father was also a boatbuilder, woodworker, and sign painter. Walton absorbed the traditional, ornate, design aspects from all of these beautiful trades.
After art school and trade school, Walton currently lives in Nobleboro, Maine, where his love for art continues to grow exponentially. Influenced by Picasso, the impressionists and fauvists, Eastern, African, and Latin art, indigenous art, and folk art, he channels his childhood inspirations, as well as an intense love for the beauty of Midcoast Maine. 
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